Istanbul Sensörler Algılayıcı Cihazlar’ın (ISAC) Kuruluşu 2009 yılına dayanmaktadır. Türkiye’de  algılayıcı cihazlar konusunda, profesyonel ekibiyle beraber  sektöründeki en önemli firmalardan biri olmayı başarmıştır.


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Simple automatic sensitivity setting

Anyone can carry out the optimum sensitivity setting by simply pressing two buttons.

Quick wire connection

A snap of the lever secures the connection of the sensor head cables on the SU-7 amplifier. It is no longer required to strip the wire insulation. Further, the exclusive stripper (accessory) can be used to easily peel off the sensor cable outer sheath.

Thickness: 10 mm 0.394 in

Installation space can be greatly reduced as the SU-7 amplifier is just 10 mm 0.394 in thick.
(W10 x H31.5 x D67 mm W0.394 x H1.240 x D2.638 in)

Nine advanced functions for versatile sensing

1.Limit sensitivity setting [All models]
Sensitivity for detection of minute differences can be set by the push of one button without the presence of an object.

2.Sensitivity shift [All models]
The set threshold level can be shifted from the center towards either ON or OFF level.

3.Remote sensitivity selection [SU-79]
The amplifier stores four channels of sensitivity levels.
They can be selected by the remote inputs.

4.Remote sensitivity setting [SU-77]
The sensitivity level can be adjusted from a remote place.

5.External synchronization [SU-75]
The timing for sensing can be specified by an external input.

6.Test input (emission halt) [SU-75]
Convenient for start-up inspection.

7.Sensitivity margin indication [All models]
The number of blinks of the stability indicator indicates the degree of the sensitivity margin.

8.ON-delay / OFF-delay timer [SU-7] [SU-77] [SU-79] [SU-7J]
The timer can be selected for either ON-delay or OFF-delay of 0 to 5 sec.

9.Interference prevention [All models]
Two sensor heads can be mounted close together.