Istanbul Sensörler Algılayıcı Cihazlar’ın (ISAC) Kuruluşu 2009 yılına dayanmaktadır. Türkiye’de  algılayıcı cihazlar konusunda, profesyonel ekibiyle beraber  sektöründeki en önemli firmalardan biri olmayı başarmıştır.


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Designed for metal high-speed marking and deep engraving

The output power for this model was increased from 12W to 50W to improve deep engraving performance on metal. This allows tool-grade steels to be deep marked and black marked at high speeds. The robust housing, the exacting technical design and high-quality components meet IP67G degree of protection, destining the LP-S series for duty in even the toughest applications in the automotive and metalworking industries. In addition, the connector is water-resistant, dust-resistant and oil-resistant. The lenses are coated with protective glass. The device’s unique design makes it possible to remove the fiber-optic cable from the laser unit. This considerably simplifies integration and servicing of the device.