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Pulse oscillation fiber laser marker (FAYb laser)
What is FAYb laser?

In a revolutionary method, the FAYb laser amplifies a weak laser beam from a master oscillator as it passes through a fiber treated with the element ytterbium to emit a strong laser beam.

Long life and high reliability
The LD contains reliable and durable InGaAs (gallium indium arsenide). Since the LD lights only during marking, the heat load remains minimal and the product provides a long life.
High efficiency and energy saving
Because laser amplification takes place inside the fiber containing ytterbium, high beam-to-beam conversion efficiency of pproximately 50 % is achieved.
Compact head
The amplification section is contained inside the oscillator unlike solid lasers such as YVO4, so the head is compact and contributes to the reduction of equipment size.

Compact fan-less head with IP64 rating

The head was developed based on the fan-less head equipped in the LP-M series, so it is tough. There will be no entry of water drop and dust particles to cause problems.

No more cumbersome installation work
Removable head

With a conventional model, the head cannot be separated from the controller.
Therefore, installation or maintenance work requires the handling of the head that weighs more than 10 kg. The LP-RF series features a removable head, thus allowing the installation of the controller and head individually. This contributes to the reduction of man-hours required for installation and maintenance.