Istanbul Sensörler Algılayıcı Cihazlar’ın (ISAC) Kuruluşu 2009 yılına dayanmaktadır. Türkiye’de  algılayıcı cihazlar konusunda, profesyonel ekibiyle beraber  sektöründeki en önemli firmalardan biri olmayı başarmıştır.


Şerifali Mah. Emin Sk. No: 51/5 Ümraniye / İSTANBUL

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0216 520 31 80

Improved visibility, operability and performance!
Smooth initial setting and setting adjustment

Operation startup can begin after using initial setting mode to enter the control values required before first use, and after entering values for items such as frequently used and frequently changed settings.
Smooth operation is enabled at initial startup and after changing settings.

Built-in easy programming function

Easy programmed control made possible using nine-step setting procedure. By entering specific target values for each indicated period, freely selectable temperature control is possible.

Example: From start of programmed control
(1):Perform control so it becomes 200 ℃ 392 ℉ after 1 hour.
(2):Maintain 200 ℃ 392 ℉ until after 2 hours
(3):Perform control so it becomes 300 ℃ 572 ℉ after 30 minutes.