Istanbul Sensörler Algılayıcı Cihazlar’ın (ISAC) Kuruluşu 2009 yılına dayanmaktadır. Türkiye’de  algılayıcı cihazlar konusunda, profesyonel ekibiyle beraber  sektöründeki en önemli firmalardan biri olmayı başarmıştır.


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With the case and fiber sheath made of PFA, the fiber can be used with various types of chemical liquids.
Chemical resistant fibers (Reflective type)

Metal-free design
Since no metal components are used, there is no need to worry about metal contamination, even if the protective tube is damaged. It is ideal for use in applications such as semiconductor front-end equipment where a clean environment is required.

Detection in long range and narrow view
A built-in lens achieves narrow-view detection with an aperture angle of 30 degrees.

Improved tip flexibility
The protective tube features a bending radius of R30 mm R1.181 in, which improved the cable arrangement compared to previous (R40 mm R1.575 in) designs.

Easy-to-cut protective tube
Easy-to-cut protective tube A dedicated fiber cutter is included which is designed to cut the protective tube easily.
The protective tube length can be adjusted as required, which helps to reduce installation labor cost.

[1] Insert the protective tube into “ø4 TUBE” side and find desired cutting point.

[2] While pressing down “A” part, turn the protective tube once.

Oil resistant fibers

The fiber ber core will not harden or break, even in environments where oil is present.

Tough FT-R60Y (Thru-beam type)

Full-protection type
High environmental resistance
The head, nut, and washer are made from rust-resistant SUS304. The unbreakable tough fiber with high durability is covered in a fluorine resin tube. The fiber head is also covered with a fluorine resin component, achieving a high level of environmental resistance.

Less susceptibility to oil adhesion thanks to fluorine resin
Fibers deliver stable detection, since the sensing part is sealed with fluorine resin, which does not allow oil penetration. Additionally, the detection part features a convex design made of fluorine resin, achieving lower friction than glass.

Resistant to oil and coolant
The fiber head and fiber cable are connected by the a fastening and caulkinga method without using adhesives. This method eliminates concerns that adhesives will absorb moisture in high-humidity environments and damage the fiber. The enclosure achieves IP68G protection, so the fiber can be installed around metal processing machines shrouded in the oil mist.

Tough FT-R44Y (Thru-beam type) / FD-R61Y (Reflective type)

Cable-protection type
Even stronger than tough fiber
The tough fiber has been reinforced by covering it with a fluorine resin tube so that it can be used even in harsh environments where oils and solvents are used. The fiber cable will not harden or break, even if it is splashed with oil.

IP67 rating
The head, nut, and washer are made from rust-resistant stainless steel (SUS304).