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Flexible Wire-saving System S-LINK V

Connecting to the future…
our next generation wire-saving system

Flexible Wire-saving System S-LINK V
UL Recognaized CE Marking

UL , CE Approved
UL : Recognition(Some models only)
CE : EMC Directive 


Ideal wire-saving system that meets the strict demands of the FA worksite

Because of the high degree of evolution of recent automation-unmanned technology, the number of sensors and actuators at work in the FA worksite is increasing evermore.
ON / OFF switching devices such as photoelectric sensors, inductive proximity sensors, electromagnetic valves, and the like, though simplistic in character, represent a huge burden on the workplace in the form of electricity layout design and wiring when used in large
Can ever increasing quantities of ON / OFF switching devices be wired in a fast, easy and compact way?
Panasonic Industrial Devices SUNX's as the leading
FA sensor maker, has the answer the S-LINK V.

Ideal wire-saving system that meets the strict demands of the FA worksite

Design a layout with complete control and freedom

With no limit to the number of branches, layout design can be done simply without any wiring constraints thanks to the multiplication of control points (maximum of 512 points and 256 nodes, the largest in its class).

Super adaptability to the worksite

Because there are 3 different communication modes to choose from, you never have to change models even if the worksite or the equipment changes.

Truly dependable features

Simple and dependable communication protocols enable fast communication speed. We've also realized an extended communication range of 800 m 2,624 ft maximum (when in C mode).

Multiplication of control points now a reality

With the maximum I/O control point count is 512.
In addition, there are 256 connection nodes and, because of a variegated 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, and 32 point I/O unit lineup, you can efficiently mount up to 512 control devices to correspond to the quantity of I/O devices desired.

Conventional wire-saving system (remote I/O etc.)
Operates with superb cost, space, and I/O point count efficiency.

Alleviates the burden laid on engineer for designing and wiring

Labor-saving hook-up connectors are used enabling multiple "T"-branch hookups wherever desired. Because there are no branch-count restrictions or main cable / branch cable differentiations, it goes without saying that cascade wiring (bus wiring) as well as multiple branch wiring (star wiring) is also possible.

Alleviates the burden laid on engineer for designing and wiring

A bit level network without the need to specifying upper-level networks

The flexible wire-saving system S-LINK V can be connected to various foreign or domestic PLC. Also available are a computer control board and a bus direct connection controller and controllers supporting open network and serial communications. Any upper-level network connection is possible without specifying it.

A bit level network without the need to specifying upper-level networks
A bit level network without the need to specifying upper-level networks

Reduce the wiring of your existing system

The S-LINK V system can be connected to any maker's PLC. It can even be connected to PC expansion slots (ISA bus, PCI bus), VME bus, open networks (CC-Link, DeviceNet), etc. Because it is compatible to any controller and network, the S-LINK V can be introduced to variegated systems as they are already setup. Also, even when the control configuration has been changed (PLC to PC, etc.), conformance can be achieved only by changing the controllers. In this way, the S-LINK V is a system that allows you to utilize to the fullest your worksite's layout investment accumulated until now. Even if changing your present system for the S-LINK V, its features, including a reduced amount of cables, compact units, and 'T'- branching, make the addition of I/O devices as well as layout modifications simple and easy. Only by switching the controller's communication mode, you can change the entire system. Purchasing each unit that conforms to specifications or changing the layout itself is absolutely unnecessary.

Commercially available cables and connectors can also be used

Available for the S-LINK V is an exclusive 4-core flat cable and exclusive hook-up connectors for your labor-saving needs.
On the other hand, they are also compatible with commercially available 4-core VCTF cables (without shield) and connectors enabling hookup with the cables you have already in stock. For worksites already wired-up, new wiring work does not have to be performed making these highly efficient devices help greatly reduce material and labor costs.

Commercially available cables and connectors can also be used

All models conform to CE marking (EMC Directive)

EMI standard EN 61000-6-4
EMS standard EN 61000-6-2
In noisy FA worksites, conforming to CE marking (EMC Directive) is the very least of its operating conditions.
All S-LINK V units have withstood testing criteria that went above and beyond those reserved for field devices (sensors) that have passed the strictest of CE marking.

All models conform to CE marking (EMC Directive)

Superior noise-immunity performance

We've strengthened the conventional simple waveform noise resistance and enhanced reliability by eliminating the lost flexibility when setting up and the lost freedom and control when designing a layout.

Superior noise-immunity performance
Has ample resistance corresponding to every single item in the EMC noise-immunity test.
Note: FT represents first transient burst noise.

Enhanced maintainability

The system is consistently monitoring communications. In the unlikely event that a problem should arise, it lets the operators know immediately so that appropriate measures can be performed without delay. This feature enables quick and accurate troubleshooting. As error outputs for each abnormality causes can be gained, it is possible to immediately check the cause of problems in case of trouble. Replacement of input / output units due to a fault is easy with connector connection.

Enhanced maintainability

Easy and flawless connections

Every type of hook-up connector is made available enabling a one-touch connection between the S-LINK V I/O units and the main cable or I/O devices such as sensors.

Easy and flawless connections

■Branch cable to main cable connection and S-LINK V I/O unit to main cable connection

Branch cable to main cable connection and S-LINK V I/O unit to main cable connection

Method of supplying power selectable

With the I/O arrayed terminal units (SL-VTB□, SL-VTBP□), the mounting or removal of short brackets enables the collective or separate supply of power from the system (S-LINK V) power supply and the load (I/O devices) source to be selected at will.

Method of supplying power selectable
The system (S-LINK V) power supply and load (I/O devices) power supply can be made to supply power collectively.
Therefore, electrical wiring used for the load (I/O devices) can be greatly reduced.
Method of supplying power selectable
The system (S-LINK V) and load (I/O devices) power supplies can be made to supply power separately. This is not a wire-saving of power supply line method, however, the I/O devices only can be stopped without having to halt communications.

Installation and removal of mid-system communication cables possible

In case of large-scale equipment, many times we construct each unit right on site in manufacturing facilities or in subcontract factories. Because the S-LINK V enables the easy removal of main or branch cables even in midsystem with commercially available connectors and intermediate terminal blocks, when constructing new units, if the electric wiring is already setup, assembly can be done just by installing those units at the time of delivery and connecting the S-LINK V wiring.
Additionally, the ability to use the handy monitor SL-VHM1 to check electrical wiring on a unit-by-unit basis improves productivity while facilitating the clear division of responsibility with subcontract factories.

Installation and removal of mid-system communication cables possible

Less time required means lower construction costs

In recent years, many production processes have been moved overseas and cases where equipment had to be set up in those new foreign worksites have increased dramatically.
It goes without saying that the period of time needed for setting up the worksite equals the period personnel must remain in those countries. A long installation period means an
overextended stay bringing up overall costs.
The S-LINK V promises a short installation time period making for great reductions in labor costs for electricians.

Less time required means lower construction costs



Automated assembly equipment
Automated assembly equipment

Equipment used to manufacture devices such as hard disks, DVDs, and mobile phones must accommodate quick progression from generation to generation as well as rapid growth in demand. Because the S-LINK V wire-saving system delivers a high degree of design freedom in every aspect of its operation, it can be used to save man-hours not only in manufacturing, but also in development and design work.

Automated assembly equipment

Installing the picking system allows even novice operators to perform assembly properly according to the lighting sequence of the picking indicator. In addition, the picking system performs checks each time a part is picked up, and warns the operator when an incorrect part is picked up, which reduces manufacturing defects and improves productivity.

Semiconductor manufacturing equipment
Semiconductor manufacturing equipment

Manufacturers are under even greater pressure to save space in clean rooms to prepare for the dawning of the 300 mm 11. 811 in wafer era. Thanks in part to their compact design, S-LINK V I/O units can be used to implement wire-saving systems across the board, including for power supply lines helping to reduce your equipment's footprint (installation area).

Distribution and conveyance equipment
Distribution and conveyance equipment

Since it supports total wiring lengths of up to 1,600 m5249.344 ft, S-LINK V can be used on long lines such as distribution lines. In addition, all models are CE Mark compliant, ensuring their ability to deliver the level of noise resistance you demand in a high-reliability wire-saving system.


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Title FİLE

EDS file for SL-VGU1-D

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S-LINK V User's Manual

S-LINK V Gateway Controller For CC-Link SL-VGU1-C / For DeviceNet SL-VGU1-C USER'S MANUAL


SL-CJ12 / SL-CJ22

SL-CP12 / SL-CP22


























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